Links to some of my thinking are below. I write on topics including financial services, architecture and urbanism, technology, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Since 2010 I have also been involved in the development of entrepreneurship in Higher Education. In 2015 I was a guest reviewer for the MSc Management, Summer Consulting Project at Imperial College Business School, and during the 2015 – 2016 academic year I mentored an Undergraduate dissertation at Adam Smith Business School (University of Glasgow) exploring the future operating model for niche consulting firms.

Financial services

Capital markets in 2017 (2017)

You are the CEO of a large investment bank. What should you do? Better customer experience as one of many challenges facing Capital Markets today. Return on equity (RoE) remains stubbornly low, unsurprisingly impacting share prices across the industry.

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Sir John Soane and eclecticism in British architecture (2014, with Rosalind Alexander)

Soane’s architectural ‘style’ would most broadly be termed Neoclassical, but this isn’t strictly accurate – his work is not nearly ‘polite’ enough to truly be Neoclassical. Allow us to draw on two influences that we believe to be central to Soane’s highly imaginative style of architecture: the French philosopher Marc-Antoine Laugier, and the Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

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What is it about Starchitecture? (2014, with Rosalind Alexander)

The idea of the ‘starchitect’ – architects who are globally renown for their signature style in the design of buildings, has emerged as something of a phenomenon in recent years. It is a term coined to describe the so-called superstar architects whose work has emerged as iconic of its time.

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